Friday, April 22, 2005

Pizza guy eliminates punk

This will be one to watch. I'm amazed that a mere pizza guy was able to get a CHL in New York. I thought you had to have special connections or something like that. It sounds promising that the police are already saying it's justified. This is another job I held in the past (pizza guy, that is, not mugger), although I was in a much safer part of the country and during the 8 years I worked there, none of our guys were ever mugged. The closest it came to any such thing was when one driver stopped to use a payphone at a stop & rob in the wrong part of town for a white guy to leave his car. He was followed back to his vehicle by a small gang of punks who "issued verbal threats." Fortunately, they were too far away to actually touch him when he opened his door and pulled his deer gun out from behind his seat (a Thompson-Center Contender). They swiftly backed away and left the scene. (Point is, it wasn't for money. You got it, it was "racially motivated.")

The photo of the attacker doesn't exactly make him look like a model citizen, either.

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