Saturday, July 16, 2005

Cell phone saves immigrants lost in desert

So begins the Reuters headline. The first paragraph goes on to say:
A group of stranded illegal immigrants facing death in the parched Arizona desert saved themselves by using a cell phone they found to call rescue services, the U.S. Border Patrol said Thursday.
But wait, later on the article states:
Lost and low on water, they used a cell phone they found in their guide's bag to dial 911. Rescuers dispatched helicopters and located the group in the desert shortly after sunset.
However, Knight Ridder reports:
And in Altar, Mexico, 60 miles south of the border, businesses thrive on providing everything migrants might need to survive the long and perilous trip north, from backpacks and water bottles to cell phones for summoning U.S. police if they get lost in the desert.
What is my point? I'm not sure. Except that this post started because of something in Reuters' "odd news." Someone thinks it's "odd" that they would find a cell phone in the middle of the desert. But they didn't just find it out in the middle of nowhere. They found it in their coyotes' abandoned gear. What's so "odd" about that? Coyotes are evil, exploitative bastards, but that doesn't mean they're stupid.

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