Sunday, July 31, 2005

When you don't have a gun, you do what you can #2

Vancouver, BC:

A Canadian emergency room nurse is being credited with saving her 4-year-old daughter's life this week after a cougar attacked the child.

Monique Bazille used a cooler holding four cans of beer to fight the big cat during the attack on Vancouver Island, the Toronto Globe and Mail reported.
On the first try, she hit the cougar on its shoulder, but it refused to release Hayley.

'It wasn't leaving,' the mother told reporters. 'It snarled and growled at me. It stood its ground. But I stood mine.'

'I said: 'You get off of her.' And I was screaming and I went to kick him.'

Eventually, the cougar, its mouth red with her daughter's blood, released the girl and went back into the bush.

How is her daughter doing?
She said her daughter, being treated at a Vancouver hospital, is independent and angry. Said Bazille, 'She says she'd like to take the kitty to the deep end of the pool and drown it.'

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