Saturday, August 27, 2005

Man carrying unloaded guns will not be charged

From King County Journal (Washington state):
No charges will be filed against a man who police found walking along a busy East Hill street with a large revolver in a hip holster and carrying a rifle.

But there were no reports that the man made any threatening gestures or aimed the unloaded guns at anybody. And it is legal for the man to possess the firearms, according to Tami Perdue, the city's chief prosecuting attorney.

"There are no criminal charges that will be filed in this incident,'' Perdue said Friday.
No charges will be filed. However, that didn't stop police from confiscating BB guns, a "bullet-proof vest," other firearms, ammo and handcuffs from the man's home. These items allegedly will be returned.

He was repeatedly cautioned not to carry firearms openly, because, according to the city's chief prosecuting attorney Tami Perdue:
"You don't know how other people would react,'' she said, adding, "if they had a legal concealed pistol permit, would they draw their weapon?"
Yes, that's right. Those of us with who legally carry concealed are really all looking for anyone else who obviously is armed so we can all eliminate each other. In the end, there can be only one.


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