Saturday, August 27, 2005

Robbery suspect takes a break at Wilson County Jail

RedNova has an "oddity" report from my home county -- Man Found Locked in Women's Prison Cell:
Authorities are investigating how a male prisoner managed to lock himself up with eight female prisoners at the Wilson County Jail.


Officials believe Joseph Krist, 34, sneaked into the cell after he moved a mop and bucket from his cell into a vestibule located between his and the women's cell. Krist apparently didn't return to his cell, but instead stayed in the vestibule until the women's cell door was remotely opened by a jail employee for them to get the mop.

Deagen said of Krist was in the cell for about 11 hours Monday. He was jailed on a bank robbery charge.
He was returned to his own cell, exhausted but smiling.

(okay, that last line is just my own joke--it's not part of the report)

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