Thursday, October 20, 2005

Anything can be a weapon

Don't mess with this guy before he's had his morning coffee:
BLUFFTON, S.C. - A would-be carjacker got quite a jolt when he picked the wrong car to try to steal, Jasper County deputies say. The suspect tapped the window of the car Wednesday morning with a gun and motioned the driver to get out, Chief Deputy Roy Hughes said.

The driver of the car had just bought a cup of hot coffee. So he slammed his door into the carjacker's legs, threw the coffee on him possibly burning the suspect's neck and face, and wrestled him to the ground, Hughes said.
The gun did go off, but the would-be victim got lucky and was unharmed. The would-be carjacker got away.

Area pharmacies are on the look-out for anyone with a red face trying to purchase excessive amounts of aloe vera lotion, I daresay.

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