Sunday, October 23, 2005

It isn't always guns...

...that feel the heat of media bias. They'll distort anything to sell their bird-cage liners.

I must say that the Express-News, in this case, did set the record straight:
After noting the time and date, the 64-year-old geocacher scrawled these few words, 'This old geezer thought he' and then abruptly stopped. The logbook is dirt-stained and indented, marks apparently left when Chamberlain fell on it.

Chamberlain's death made newspaper headlines and the nightly TV news. Initial reports indicated Chamberlain accidentally died during a 'scavenger hunt' after a fall in an area where he wasn't supposed to go.

Reporters never followed up with an update after results of a medical examiner's autopsy were released. It revealed that Chamberlain had suffered a massive heart attack.

The news coverage annoyed members of the geocaching community. They thought it was slanted and gave their sport an undeserved black eye. On, 'Pete' wrote that 'the media is now, and always has been, interested only in sensationalizing things.

'They get a story first, and sometimes (but not always) get it right later when everyone has forgotten everything but the sensationalized version of what happened.'

Chamberlain's wife also was upset because the stories 'made it sound like Max was doing something illegal.'
It sounds to me like he died doing something he loved. Would that we all could go that way.

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