Sunday, October 30, 2005

Translation: "I Feel More Self-Righteous as a Defensless Victim"

News from North Carolina:
One example, Valone said, is a recently passed requirement that people who obtain domestic violence restraint orders against perpetrators be provided information about how to obtain a concealed handgun permit.
'We advocated this law in response to an increasing number of murders by domestic abusers who ignore restraining orders,' Valone said.

Price disagreed with that change in the law, saying she didn't think it was a good thing to introduce guns into domestic violence situations.

'For them (gun advocates) the gun is the solution to most problems,' she said. 'For us, we feel like the gun makes the problem worse and often creates the problem.
Yes, if a woman decides to protect herself from an abusive other, and chooses a gun for protection, it's her own fault she got beaten up in the past because now she has a gun. Did I get it right?

Price also said she likes the restrictions that the law places on permit holders.

'When I go to the Y to exercise, I see a sign that says don't carry concealed weapons here,' she said. 'We like those restrictions.'
They must have some incredible signs, if it only takes a sign to prevent unlawful violent attack at the Y. Amazing. Can I get some of those signs here? I'd put them up everywhere, if they work that well.

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  1. Why do some people actually seem to enjoy being victims and do their best to become victims? I was assaulted and I don't EVER want to go through that again. If you want to feel self-righteous, there are less painful ways to do it. Quit smoking or lose 20 pounds or something like that. That hey-look-I'm-defenseless attitude really baffles me.

    --Next to Last Samurai