Friday, November 18, 2005

Gas prices in San Antonio

This post at Michelle Malkin's blog reminded me that I had just wanted to say that gas in the northeast areas of the city are below $2.00/gallon. I got it for $1.97 this week. The cheapest places I've found are the Pilot and Petro truck stops at IH10 and Ackerman Road. There's a little hole-in-the-wall Shamrock Valero also on Ackerman just north of the big highway that was also $1.97. Several other stations in that general area are about the same.

I drive a lot in my job, and since I buy fuel for two vehicles (my own and the company truck), I always watch gas prices. I don't have to pay for the company fuel with my own money, but I figure it won't do any harm to try and get the cheapest gas possible.

There was also a Citgo station at S. Alamo and Johnson (I think that's where it was) that had it for $1.97.