Thursday, November 03, 2005

Self-Defense Bigotry in Florida

From the Miami-Dade Herald:
A recent marketing push by a stun gun manufacturer, aimed at boosting its share of what the industry calls ''home self defense,'' has sparked consternation among some Miami-Dade commissioners who fear the devices will end up in criminal hands or be used against police officers.

Five of the 13 commissioners have signed on as backers of a proposed rule to regulate the sale of stun guns with restrictions similar to gun purchases -- requiring a five-day waiting period and background checks on buyers.

Retailers would be banned from selling stun guns to minors or anyone convicted of a felony.

Buyers also would be required to undergo safety training offered by manufacturers.

Commissioners are scheduled to vote on the proposal at today's meeting.

''I hope it will have a chilling effect,'' said Commissioner Sally Heyman, a co-sponsor of the proposed ordinance.
So now we get to meet Commissioner Sally Heyman, who feels better as a potential victim and wants to make sure that everyone else has as few options to defend themselves as possible.

I'll skip pointing out this time that there's a big difference between a Taser and a stun gun. Oops, maybe not.

I like the "chilling effect" quote. A chilling effect on who? Someone who is starting to realize that they must take responsibility for protecting him/herself and their families. Someone who is beginning to realize that they can't depend on law enforcement to save them when they are attacked. Someone who probably didn't grow up handling firearms, have never handled a firearm, and are therefore understandably still somewhat shy when it comes to firearms. Someone who starts thinking about alternative, "less lethal" means of defense. Someone who goes to buy a stun gun or a Taser and suddenly runs into a five day waiting period and background checks. Someone who gets spooked by all these laws because if the government requires these restrictions, there must be something "wrong" with these means of defense. Someone who gets scared back into the cult of victimhood, just as she/he was beginning to emerge into the light.

That's who.

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