Friday, December 23, 2005

I couldn't just let this slide...

SayUncle points to this article about a Baltimore man whose home was accidentally invaded by police. A noteworthy article, for sure. But Mr. Scheper should not blame his pistol for his own ineptitude:
In the basement, Scheper grabbed a CZ-52 semiautomatic. "I have this piece-of-junk Czechoslovakian pistol," he says. "I put a magazine in it, racked the slide back. I was trying to check to see if there was a round in the chamber and I couldn't rack the slide . . . so I was fighting it. The gun was jammed, and I was trying to get it operable. It accidentally went off into the floor of my basement."
My own CZ-52 is not a piece of junk by any means, and if I were to draw it against a home invader there would be serious consequences for the guy on the other end. I have used a wide variety of cheap ammo in that gun and have never managed to cause a jam. I prefer to use S&B, however, just because it's cleaner and I usually grab a box of it at the same time that I'm buying S&B Makarov ammo.