Tuesday, December 27, 2005

More on anti-Christian bigotry

I received by email a link to a very interesting article addressing anti-Christian bigotry specifically, as well as anti-religious bigotry in general. Although this is aimed more at Christians, it is still a must-read for anyone who believes not only in the importance of freedom of religion, but also in the importance of freedom to not believe, if that is your inclination. And where did this article come from? Please visit this link at Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership and read the whole thing:
Already, the worm of religious bigotry is eating into the heart of the American consciousness--including the Christian consciousness. Not long ago, I spoke with a man who happened to mention he was Christian. Immediately after telling me that, he apologized for his beliefs. I asked why on earth he should be sorry. He began to mumble that Christians were responsible for slavery and oppression and slaughter of native peoples and bigotry toward other religions. In other words, although he was a Christian himself who had never been guilty of any of those evils, he had completely bought into the current cultural prejudice that his religion was inherently cruel and corrupt--something to feel ashamed of.


If you are Christian, you should care because the actions described at the top of this article may be only the beginning. One Holocaust survivor observed, "Auschwitz wasn't built with bricks. It was built with words." That's how it begins. When Christ-haters (or G-d haters) learn they can get away with small deeds of discrimination, they move on to larger ones...and more heinous ones. Actions borne of hatred must be chopped off at the roots. Otherwise hatred proliferates.