Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Slinging $#@! from all sides

Just from reading this article, it sounds like everyone involved is either lying or trying to sell bad "facts":
He later testified, 'As soon as I picked the gun up off the ground, the gun shot him.'
It pretty much just goes down hill from there.

Other wonderful wisdom:
"You shot an unarmed man," Michael said.
No, if he was on the ground being beaten, he shot someone who was towering over him bludeoning him with his fists. I wonder why these people are so fanatical in their prejudice against the less physically able. It seems that they have decided that only the biggest and strongest are fit to live.

Finish it off with some absolute gobbledygook:
Maryland State Police Trooper 1st Class Mike Nickol, a firearms and toolmarks expert examiner, testified that the gun has a mechanism called a hammerblock which prevents it from being fired accidentally.

"For this weapon to discharge, the trigger would have to be pulled to the rear," he testified.

Hagerstown Police Department Detective Steven Hoover testified that he test-fired the gun when Kercheval performed his tests.

"The trigger did not return properly," said Hoover, who had testified about his training and experience with guns.

Hoover testified, "If I did not allow myself to pull the trigger all the way forward, the trigger would misfire."

Sacks said on cross-examination that "a person who knew the weapon and wanted to fire a second shot would know exactly what to do."

Nickol testified that the rounds found in the gun had not been marked in a way that would indicate a misfire.
Experts, schmexperts.