Thursday, December 22, 2005

Too bad they didn't just die in a fiery crash

I had to look this up as soon as I got home:Trooper Critically Wounded in Wild SA Chase. A big stretch of highway 90 was closed down--I got caught in the detour. The whole stretch of highway was swarming with crime scene investigators--it was quite amazing. There was one police car with the back windshield completely smashed out--apparently from gunfire. Not only did they rob a bank, but several innocent motorists caught bullets as they shot at not only the pursuing cops, but at anyone who got in their way or anyone whose face they didn't like, apparently.

I am amazed that they were caught without anyone getting killed. I would have found it extremely difficult to restrain myself from just popping them in the head when I caught up to their crashed vehicle, if I had been an officer on the scene. My compliments and thanks to the real professionals who behaved like professionals and took these thugs out of circulation.