Sunday, January 22, 2006

Computers for guns in Mexico City

It looks like one district in Mexico City is offering to trade new computers for old guns:
Mexicans are being invited to exchange their weapons for computers under a quirky new idea to curb rampant crime in Mexico City.

Authorities in one of the city's 16 districts are offering a new computer, out of 150 donated by a charitable foundation, for each gun handed in.
Unfortunately, there are no details on exactly what kind of computer you can get for an antique dueling pistol. I have said before that I have one gun I would like to turn in, if San Antonio ever pulled any such stunt as this, but I don't suppose I could get anything more high-tech than a VIC-20 for a Lorcin.

I'm sure crimes using guns will now plummet in Mexico City, although I suppose crimes using computers will now increase, since everyone knows only criminals are turning their guns in, and they have to commit crimes with something.