Thursday, January 26, 2006

I don't think so

This article at ABC News about keeping kids safe from "gun accidents" caught my eye, especially this paragraph:
There is no attempt at the national level to require adults to store their guns in a safe place away from children. But many advocates of both gun rights and gun control support proposals that would give tax breaks to gun owners who buy a safety-deposit box for their guns. Besides making it difficult for children to get the guns, supporters say it would also make it difficult for criminals to steal guns from homes.
I don't know of any gun rights supporters who would advocate any such thing. I also have never heard of a bank that would allow anyone to store a gun in their safety deposit box. (Okay, I've had a safety deposit box at only two different banks, so my experience is limited). Or does this writer just not know the difference between a safety deposit box and a gun safe?