Monday, January 23, 2006

New Buzzword of the Day

Found at (no direct link):
Second Amendment Purist Sues Richmond And Gov. Douglas Wilder

RICHMOND, VA. (CN) - Michael Stollenwerk wants to know why he wasn't allowed to bring his gun to a City of Richmond street festival, and he's sued the city and Gov. Douglas Wilder to find out. Stollenwerk said he's filed a FOIA request on documents related to the city's "suspension of constitutional and statutory privacy and gun rights" during the 2005 Second Street Festival and City Celebration. He says the city hired a private company, City Celebrations, and allowed it to violate his constitutional rights to privacy and to bear arms, and now the city has blown off his FOIA request. He wants to see the documents, and he wants the city and the governor fined. He is represented by Thorsen & Scher.
That's right folks, we are "second amendment purists." And all those MSM "journalists" are "first amendment purists," I suppose.