Monday, September 10, 2007

Curious Convergences

I've been poring over my usual blogs and newsfeeds and can't come up with anything clever or provoking to write, myself.

But sometimes various bits of contemporary culture collide and the result becomes somehow quite interesting.

Loren Coleman writes: Is Bin Laden As Tall As Bigfoot?
The sixth anniversary of 9/11 is here. It seems like the right time to consider: Is bin Laden as tall as Bigfoot? For this is a serious consideration of a subject few would rather make fun of by just reading the headline and not the blog here: What happens with eyewitness reports of height? The parallel between the alleged stature of Osama bin Laden and Bigfoot, two topics that do not make me laugh, is remarkable.
I have a feeling Charles Fort would get a kick out of this short article. A brief examination of how perception can sometimes overshadow fact.