Saturday, September 01, 2007

Got my buckshot

The FedEx guy showed up around 9:00PM Thursday night. What a job, to be delivering ammo way out here in the boonies so late at night. He had his hazards flashing as he came down the driveway, which I thought was kind of strange. It's not like he was parking in the driveway at 5:00AM or anything.

Anyhow, the .410 buckshot is a sleek-looking load. Makes me want to get a motorcycle and a derringer so I can go bear hunting.

I need to do some patterning tests now. For the record the .410 is just a single-shot H&R. The 20 gauge is a Mossberg pump.

Why a 20 and not a 12? Because I bought it for dove hunting, and I can't hit a flying dove--well sometimes I can. The 20 is much cheaper on the wallet when I don't have much chance of hitting anything anyway and I can bang away all day without tenderizing my shoulder.

I was once told that I'd be able to hit more dove if I put in some practice, but I think it's because the doves around here can go between.

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