Monday, September 24, 2007

Got your papers?

Read the whole thing at Papers, Please!:
In a series of recent publications in the Federal Register, the Department of Homeland Security is proposing a comprehensive new system of surveillance and, perhaps more important, control of both domestic and international travelers.

The proposed new rules, which are currently open for public comments, would require that:

1. All would-be international travellers to or from the USA (even US citizens crossing the U.S.-Canada border on foot) would have to have government-issued ID credentials

2. All would-be passengers on international or domestic flights to, from, over, via, or within the U.S. would have to have both government-issued ID credentials and explicit case-by-case prior permission from the DHS to the airline to allow each passenger to board a plane.

The proposed rules would enforce the requirements for papers and permits through default provisions that would:

1. Require all air travellers to show their papers (”government-issued photo ID”) to airline staff on request of the DHS, under penalty of denial of transportation.

2. Forbid any airline from issuing a boarding pass to anyone, or allowing them to baord a plane, unless and until the airline received individual permission (a “cleared message”) authorizing that airline to allow that specific person on that specific flight.
Got that? It goes from "anyone can fly unless they pop up on the 'no fly list'," to "no one can fly unless they are on the 'allowed to fly list'." Read it all for more details and even more bad news.

Via The Club Above.


  1. In 1977 or so, I spent the summer in Europe. I was chased out of an underground bar in London for sticking up for America, saw the posters of various terrorist groups as I crossed borders in continental Europe, gave up my passport to enter Hungry, and witnessed a terrorist bombing in Rome. I saw police with machine guns and tanks on each end of the airport runway in Rome.

    I remember very vividly thinking "Thank God I am an American, we do not have to live like this".

    It saddens me that our government is dragging us down to that level, turning us into what our forefathers fought so hard to protect us from.

  2. And how long before we would have to show ID at checkpoints while driving across the country?

  3. Cant wait for the numbered tattoos and yellow stars........