Saturday, September 01, 2007

Looks good

I think I can stop tweaking the blog for now and start catching up on other's blogs again.

Leaving Eponym is kind of sad, because I was headed for two notable milestones. By the end of the year, I would have probably hit my 3,000th post (which includes the 900+ that were originally imported from this blog in 2006) and I would most likely have attained 100,000 hits. If their servers are left online long enough, I have no fear that it will reach 100,000 anyway. There are several posts over there that regularly generate high traffic. At the current rate, I would have reached 100,000 in another 85 days, more or less.

I needed only 115 more posts to reach #3,000.

Coming back to Blogger isn't too bad, now that I'm better at hacking templates. If I can just get someone to turn off that stupid word verification for my own posts. Man, that's annoying. Especially because about 25% of the time I misread the letters.


  1. Welcome back- I guess.
    I'm not sure where you mean the word verification, my computer remembers me when I log-in (takes forever, tho).

    If you mean comments, I dunno. I use Haloscan.

  2. If you're signed in already, you don't get WV for commenting on your own blog, but still get it for commenting on others. Welcome back to the Collective!

  3. No, the problem is, if Blogger's anti-spam system decides for some reason that your blog appears to be a "spam blog," it automatically turns on word verification so you have to do it every time you create a new post. Then you have to file a report with Blogger so one of their human employees can examine your blog and turn the spam blocker off for it.

    Most people probably never run into this problem. I don't know why it happened for mine, but it was one of the last things to annoy me before I bailed out last time (over a year ago).