Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Saved by the cell phone

More about Giuliani and his cell phone escape technique at Red Pills:
Last April 9, NewsMax reported that Giuliani was attending a roundtable discussion with heavy-hitter Republicans at the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City. Two of the three co-hosts were CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

One participant started to ask a question about Iraq.

“In the middle of the question, Mayor Giuliani’s personal cell phone rang, and he answered it,” a participant said. “At first, I think people thought he was kidding. But then he just started talking, and without looking up or saying anything to us, he just got up, left the room, and never came back!

Everyone waited about 20 minutes, and then the room started to break up. It was bizarre behavior.”


  1. I would like to see him do that at a national debate.

  2. That dodge only works so many times before people get wise to it. Personally, if someone were answering cell phones while at a talk, I would seriously wonder just why they were not devoting their full attention to the task at hand. Answering a non-emergency phone call is disrespectful to your audience.