Thursday, September 13, 2007

That's because you're an idiot

Full-scale, blithering, utterly irrational PSH in Albany, NY:
"I was surprised and disappointed that this was a prize that was given away," he said. "We shouldn't send mixed messages to kids that we give a replica of a firearm."
Especially sensitive--he says--because one 15-year-old murdered another 15-year-old. Well, golly gee, Jimmy, even a backwoods hick like me can see that this isn't a gun problem. This is a gang problem. That's what you call teenage thugs running loose in the street shooting at each other and usually taking out innocent bystanders in the process.

And it's all the fault of a vaguely gun-shaped water squirter.

On more thing. Since when does your position as city councilman grant you the authority to steal toys from children? Or does that fall under your purview as "lifesaver?"


  1. I was surprised and disappointed that there are so very many oxygen wasting politicians with nothing better to do than weep about WATER PISTOLS. I'm telling ya, this is reaching a boiling point with them and if we decide enough is enough and take the country back from soccer momishness it isn't going to be pretty.

  2. "Sano said he took the water pistol from a 9-year-old boy while working as a lifeguard..."
    Doesn't that make it a strong-arm robbery?