Sunday, September 30, 2007

That's dope, man...

Say Uncle has been documenting Google's anti-gun discriminatory practices (more here), which don't make sense anyway because they sell gun-related ad space.

If you can get past the irony of the top-most ad without spewing your favorite beverage on your screen, look down at the bottom-most item. You can see that they have no problem selling ad space for drug paraphernalia. Look at this animated gif of the device in action. That's a dope pipe.

I personally would not hold their running such an ad against them. If someone wants to toke the sacred herb that's their business. But running such ads, and running perfectly legal gun-related ads, and then blocking gun-related websites from displaying such ads, is not only "Evil," it's stupid. It makes no sense. It also smacks of misrepresentation. They sell gun-related ad space, but they don't allow websites to use adsense if that website's text would cause such ads to actually be displayed. That's dishonest. More than that, it's crooked.

I'll be honest, my adsense balance is up to about $50, and when it gets to $100 I'll get my first payout. I've been running them for several months (starting on the other blog) and I don't want to waste what I've accumulated thus far. Once the payout happens, I'm out of it unless they change their policies by that time.

If anyone has any non-discriminatory alternative to adsense, let me know. I would still like something on here that would generate a few pennies so I could occasionally buy an extra box of ammo or a pro-RKBA t-shirt or something.

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