Monday, October 29, 2007


The battery in my truck bit the dust today. It still has voltage but no amps for cranking. So I'm gonna have to be juggling vehicles for a couple of days until I can get a new battery in it, which is going to be made more difficult because the screw on the ground terminal is proving impossible to loosen. I'll probably have to cut it off and replace it, which means I'll also have to find a new screw.

However, I recently learned I have a personal holiday that I have to schedule, so I'm going to be off this Friday. I plan on going to Bullet Hole and getting in a long overdue range day. So if any San Antonio area bloggers want to see me miss a silhouette target at 7 yards because it's been so long since I actually fired a pistol, here's your chance.

UPDATE: Thanks to a Dremel tool and a drill I got the bad screw cut off/drilled out without damaging the terminal. New battery tomorrow. It's hard to take care of stuff like this when I have to work all day. And I've been doing the Dominion this week. It takes at least three days to do the Dominion and Crownridge combined. I'm hoping that tomorrow I get a normal route and the guy I've been helping just finishes it by himself. Anyway, there's no early finish time when you're on the Dominion.

UPDATE UPDATE: One $80 battery later, and the truck is ready to go again.

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  1. You're talking about a *BAD* battery.
    One you wouldn't feel bad about ruining to save a $50 cable?