Saturday, October 13, 2007

An interesting acquisition

An aunt of mine found a shoebox full of gun stuff in her garage that she thought she'd gotten rid of years ago, after her husband had died. She took it to my dad, who is one of our two family gun nuts. He said he had no use for it (except for a couple of boxes of .22 shells) so he passed the box on to me.

Inside is about 100 plastic practice shells and projectiles in .38. This is the kind of practice ammo that is loaded with only a primer. I actually bought some of these a while back but never got around to buying the primers for them. Said shoebox also contains several hundred such small pistol primers as are required. They're old, but they were kept in a fairly controlled environment and should still be good.

Also inside was a smaller box of 30-40 .30 carbine cartridges, and what I assume is a magazine for an M-1 Carbine. What is it, a 30-rounder? 25? I didn't load it fully, just put a few shells in the top to confirm that the .30 ammo went with the magazine. The magazine was left unloaded, and the spring seems to still be in perfect condition.

I have no use for the magazine or the .30 ammo. I suppose I can sell the magazine for a few bucks, and I'll just give away the ammo since I have no idea if it's factory or reloads--also it's probably nearly 30 years old. It should still be good enough at least for someone to use as reloading components. (Not that I think ammo has an expiration date. It's just that, although my uncle was a very intelligent, even wise man, and I don't think he would have created any dangerous reloads, I can't personally vouch for how this ammo may have been loaded).

If you're wondering what happened to all my of uncle's guns, well, they were sold after his death. The only one that I know of now is the Ruger old model Single-Six with a 10-inch barrel that my dad bought from my aunt, and which he still has.

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  1. If the price is reasonable, I'll buy the .30 carbine mag and ammo from you.

    I've got a WWII M1 Carbine from CMP and I wouldn't mind having a mag with some history to go with it...and you can never have too much ammo.

    Drop me a line.

    sailorcurt AT cox DOT net