Friday, October 26, 2007

What of Radical Edward?

I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel series to Cowboy Bebop that takes place another 10-20 or so years in the future (from the series perspective) and be focused on the adventures of an adult Ed. The other characters need not be involved. Although if pressed, I would say that Jet and Faye have by that time both quit bounty hunting. Jet becomes a private detective and Faye becomes a school teacher at an orphanage on Earth. As for Spike, no one knows...

FYI, if you haven't watched the show: Ed is a girl. She's a very talented hacker.


  1. I watch this every night on Adult Swim and have the DVD's in my que from NetFlix. Cool anime! I too would like to see a sequel to this series!

  2. Not sure about seeing Ed in her own sequel, but won't mind a sequal over all with the entire cast.

  3. A sequel series would be fantastic, though I'm not too sure I could deal with Ed being the only returning character. I'd like to think she might at least talk to Jet in most know, get a little help here and there or just run into him from time to time.