Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Department of (In)Justice

Art or Bioterrorism: Who Cares?
RU: According to the CAE defense fund FAQ, you were originally charged under prohibitions on biological weapons, but a grand jury instead handed down indictments related to "wire fraud" and "mail fraud." And then it also states that the terrorism charges could come back to haunt you.

I wonder how your attorneys are coping with all this. Are they simply trying to get across the absurdity of the whole mess, or are their any legal fine points?

SK: What they have been arguing in motion hearings is that the Department of Justice is making an absurd interpretation of the mail fraud law. The DoJ has thrown away its guidelines (which state my case should not be prosecuted) and interpreted the law in a way that is unique for my situation. [emphasis added -- ed.]

My co-defendant Bob Ferrell and I are the first citizens to ever be indicted for mail or wire fraud because we supposedly broke a material transfer agreement. The “defrauded” parties do not believe we did anything to harm them — the crime is a DoJ fantasy that they hope to prove. We’ll see at trial if rationality prevails.

If it doesn’t, the case will set a precedent that will mean that the Justice Department can drop a major felony on someone for filling out a warranty card incorrectly and mailing it. This will be a major tool for them. Talk about being able to pick off people at will!
Man's wife dies of heart failure. Responding "authorities" see "suspicious stuff" mainly because they're a bunch of ignorant punks so they send him through hell.

But he did nothing wrong. Certain "authorities" are embarrassed about how bad they screwed up, so instead of apologizing, they ruin his life just to teach him his place.

Notice the emphasized part above. Remind you of any other famous government agencies?

Via The Agitator.

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