Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Don't tase yourself, bro!

Except we don't know for sure if it's a "bro" or a "sis," because of course unless a civilian bystander is videotaping it, we aren't worthy of such information.

Wis. officer accidentally Tasers himself:
A police officer has been reprimanded for accidentally discharging a Taser, causing an injury — to the police officer.

Madison police released a report Monday on the July 31 incident, without revealing the officer's name or gender. The department said the Taser accidentally discharged during a standard checkout procedure.
Good to know that Tasers can discharge themselves just like guns, without the handler being responsible in any way. As long as the handler is an Only One, of course.

Via The War On Guns.


  1. "yo, don't taser myself, dude!"


  2. Not the same, but close to the same thing. I did once, after comsuming large amounts of alcohol, grab hold of the hot wire of an electic fence. It will be something I will never forget.