Friday, November 23, 2007

Here's something I never thought I'd see

One of my poems translated Norwegian, maybe? I'm not sure.

You have to scroll down, at Fordításaim.

UPDATE: It's Hungarian. See comments.


  1. Norwegian! Quite a strange accomplishment.

    Every once in awhile I check my posts in Swedish Chef just to be sure they're ... uhhh ... Swedish Chef sounding.

    Give it a shot, it's a hoot.

  2. Hi! It's not Finnish, nor Norwegian. It is Hungarian. I've found your poem on a website containing Loveraft's poems and I thought it was one his works. Later I realised that it was a mistake of the authors of the site. I liked it very much so translated it.

    I hope it's not a problem.

    Ákos from Hungary

    ps: "Fordításaim" means: 'my translations'

  3. Thanks for the information. And I'm glad you liked it.