Wednesday, November 07, 2007

If you squeeze my lizard I'll put my snake on you...

Now come on. How can anyone not like a song that starts with those words?

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I bought the Motorhead tape. I think I was thinking, Hey, Lemmy used to be in Hawkwind, so let's try this out. Unfortunately, my musical pursuits were steering me in another direction, and I didn't have unlimited funds to buy everything I wanted.

So this is the only Motorhead album I have, but I really like it. Someday I'll get some of their other stuff, I promise. This tape was always part of my essential road music. I'm sure everyone has a special collection to listen to while driving, and this was in mine.

The Toad tape was purchased because I had a bunch of their CDs and noticed this older album on a clearance rack.

These are on the docket for today, and maybe something else later. I'm going to try and work my way through my cassette shelf before I go back to ripping vinyl.

It occurred to me today that it might be amusing (for me, at least) to make some posts about albums in my collection that I do not intend to rip. There are several that I just don't know why I ever bought.

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  1. Once I heard ace of spades on the "young ones" I had to get a motorhead tape. Now I've got a couple of their CDs with best of compilations. 1916 isn't bad either for a change of pace.

    I went and saw them at sneakers in 1997 and it was one heck of a show.