Thursday, November 29, 2007

Phone problems

I'm not using phone problems as an excuse for lack of blogging. I've actually been occupied with something else. However...

It would have been 14 years ago or so, when my old dog Baloo (r.i.p.) was a puppy, and he chewed things. One 0f the things he chewed were the phone wires outside the house. I repaired them myself, and the phone has worked fine since then, until a few days ago. Today the phone was totally dead so I checked the wires and the repair has finally fallen apart. I just spent about an hour working on it again but there was still no dial tone so I gave up and called the company on my cell phone to request a tech to come out here and fix it for real. My cell doesn't work in the house, so I was outside making the call. As soon as I walked back inside, the phone rang (WTF?).

Well, a tech will be here tomorrow anyway to replace the line with some new stuff, hopefully. But right now it's working, and I got connected at my usual 40K+ speed for dial-up.

UPDATE: Pretty good service from Verizon. They got here when they said they would, and did the job. The technician they sent cracked me up. He told my wife the problem was due to "exposed wires." No, you big dummy. I exposed the wires when I made the first repairs. I needed it to work so I could use the internet and my wife could handle her Avon orders. It would have been stupid for me to wrap everything back up just so you could unwrap everything the next morning.

Technicians. Just because they get paid to fix things, they think they're experts or something.


  1. Putting it down as "exposed wires" may have been his way of making sure you didn't get charged for repair work because it was your fault.

    I've seen that sort of thing quite a few times.

  2. Could be, but I don't think so. When I called in the problem, I told them exactly what was going on and the phone guy told me I was covered under the service plan and wouldn't be charged for it.