Monday, November 05, 2007

Taser Background Checks

I just learned that the Taser corporation requires sellers to perform a background check on customers for certain models of Tasers. The online form to do so can be seen here. Note that critical personal information must be given to the Taser seller.

Do you need to do anything special to sell Tasers? you ask.

Surely, you jest.

So...Taser requires a potential purchaser of specific models to give their name, address, driver's license number, and social security number to the yahoo who became a Taser dealer.

Further...there is a separate registration for those with a concealed weapons permit, requiring the potential customer to turn over their CWP number.

(NOTE: The Texas CHL is a concealed handgun license, and the state of Texas does not recognize it as a license to carry anything but a handgun).

For one other model of Taser, the customer is allowed to perform a background check on himself, for whatever that's worth.

Kind of puts a kink in the "I will control my own destiny" ads that Taser has been running in some gun mags. It might be difficult to control one's own destiny when you have to give such sensitive information to some guy who happens to sell Tasers. Of course, Taser sellers are not required to keep records nor are they constantly threatened with action from the ATF if they forget to cross a T. You might as well give your SSN to the cashier at Walmart.


  1. Not that I'd ever consider carrying one of the goofy things but were I a fan of electrocution one would imagine my Florida CWP to suffice as proof of background checkifications. I don't list my SSN when purchasing a firearm but I'd believe it to be okay for a non-lethal weapon?

    Yeah sure.

  2. Good Story, These one gives me and idea and insights about background check

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  4. I just got turned down in my background check, even though I now have a Florida CWP. Maybe they should do this before they take my money.

  5. In my opinion firms should be allowed to deny service for any reason to any potential customer, that being said, what the hell is Taser International /the international funny because they wont sell outside states-trying to pull with this background check crap, only trying to make a little hype for their extremely expensive products. Yes I realize they are without much question the leader in the market and produce again in my opinion the best in their field, but this ruins what should be a stellar company. For Gods sakes America has turned into enough of a police state without firms being in bed with the policing bodies. The whole thing puts me off of EVER buying a product of theirs no matter how good, vote with your dollars and tell Taser Int to shove their checks where the sun dont shine....Thanks - Neil