Saturday, November 10, 2007

The wallaby menace

This is old news, but I couldn't resist mentioning it when I saw it.

Wichita is considering a species-specific ban on wallabies. No kidding.
A municipal judge ruled the wallaby was technically exotic and therefore illegal, according to a city memo. But because the ordinance is too vague, the judge said Skippy could remain with Freed.

During a workshop on Thursday, the City Council plans to discuss a proposed ordinance specifically banning wallabies. The city contends wallabies carry diseases and do not make good urban pets.

Freed disputes that assertion.

Kay Johnson, the city's director of environmental services, acknowledged the animals are cute when they're babies. "But cute doesn't necessarily mean it's right for the city," she added.

She said the city did not know anybody in town had a wallaby until Freed's escaped.

Thus far the wallaby menace still threatens the citizens of Wichita.

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  1. The powers that be are going to nanny us into the ground.