Saturday, December 01, 2007

Another comment on Winamp 5.5 beta

This newest version seems to be "smarter" than previous versions. Last night I listened to Marillion's Clutching At Straws. There are a few times on this album when songs segue smoothly into each other, with no silence between them. With previous versions of Winamp, the ripped mp3s were played with silence inserted between each song, no matter what. But when I listened to the ripped mp3s last night, it correctly played the segues where they belonged, and inserted silence between songs where it should have been, just as if I had been playing the CD.

I'll have to listen to Misplaced Childhood and see if it works on that. On this album, there are no breaks between songs at all, except the break between "side A" and "side B." It was originally released on vinyl. On the live double album La Gaza Ladra, the entire Misplaced Childhood is performed without a break. Forty plus minutes of non-stop music. It's pretty cool.

Yes, it is also playing Childhood correctly, a smooth segue and no silence between songs.

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