Wednesday, January 09, 2008

911 Nightmare

Fortunately, no one was hurt. Unfortunately, that includes the would-be burglars.

I Wish The Police Had Caught The Man Who Came to My House Today at Gun Owners Against Violence:
I want to know whether it was 5 minutes or 6 minutes or 3 minutes that passed between the moment when I was asking the operator to please send the squad car back because the guy was just now running along the side of the house ... and the length of time that this operator was taking to explain to me that she was not the dispatcher and how they functioned there and that it was like email (?!) ... and the amount of time, following that, when she was telling me that she had still not yet contacted the dispatcher ... and the passage of time that was allowing my expletive-enunciating doorbell-ringing certainly-running possible-would-be-burglar to what? Calmly choose a direction in which to amble and mingle with the off-to-work crowd? Nod amiably to a passerby while leisurely getting into his car? Take a bus? Choose another house?

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