Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Drugs & ammo

Interesting finds today. One meter box was being used as a stash/trash can. I had to remove all the trash to get to the meter, and found a small bag of weed under the beer cans. Not much, about enough to fill the bowl of a regular tobacco pipe maybe four or five times. I left it lying in the street with all the other garbage.

In another box, there was a single .38 Special round. Interesting. No way it could get in there by accident. I wiped it off to make sure my prints weren't on it and left it there. Why yes, of course I picked it up. I had to see what brand it was. Winchester semi-jacketed hollow point, by the way.

Last Friday another meter reader found a big stash of used hypodermic syringes in a meter box.

Fun job, sometimes.


  1. Those are some interesting finds. I'm wondering what is going through people's heads when they stash that stuff.

  2. There aren't too many jobs out there where you get a chance to find "hidden treasure." Just be careful when you do.

  3. There is a plus side. Sometimes I find money laying around. I found a $20 bill last month.