Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hear the wanderlust calls of the whispering hills...

I get CDs from I have a pretty big queue. Every now and then I'll add another CD or two to it, but mostly I forget about it so every time my monthly disc comes it's always a surprise as to what it is, because I don't remember everything I've added or what the order is.

Today brought The Sons of the Pioneers: The Ultimate Collection. I had a cassette called The Best of the Sons of the Pioneers when I was a kid, and kept it for many years until I finally wore it out. Ultimate is a pretty good collection. It has most of my favorites of theirs, but it is not really "ultimate."

There's no "Everlasting Hills of Oklahoma." How it could be "ultimate" and be missing that song?

Essential (in my opinion) songs that it does include are "Tumbling Tumbleweeds," "Cool Water," "Riders in the Sky" and "Chant of the Wanderer." It has twenty-one songs in all.

Oh well. I'll be cranking this one up on the drive home from work tomorrow.

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