Monday, January 21, 2008

She's dead, Jim

Bullseye satire from the writer known as drugtestallpoliticians at America Dead - Drowned in a Sea of Laws:
Washington - The United States was declared dead today by the Federal Morgue. The cause of death was listed as drowning.

The drowning of America took place in the vast and endless Sea of Laws. There are 75,000 pages of laws governing American citizens. There are so many laws that it is impossible to step out of your house without breaking some laws and staying home is just as dangerous.

It has been reported that one reason that there are so many laws is because it is much easier to get a job as a Congressman or Representative at the state and federal level than it is to get a real job flipping hamburgers, mopping floors, or any other form of physically productive employment.


Sadly, for the average member of the public unfortunate enough to get caught up in the jaws of the "justice" system it is not enough to be in mere possession of the truth in order to be found innocent of charges leveled against puny citizens by the omnipotent forces of the government for breaking one of its endless supply of laws. All a prosecutor has to do is to merely prove a theory based on conjecture that a citizen has committed some act against the "people". Through a selective process in the picking of jurors the government can stack the jury against the accused and thus insure that the insatiable appetite of the prison-industrial complex is constantly satisfied.
But then, when satire is actually true, I guess it's not satire anymore.

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