Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I gave my wife some jerky samples to take to her work and see if anyone there wanted to actually buy some. I did actually put some on eBay today but it looks like I'll have to hold off on any further auctions because the demand locally is already more than I can handle. I have only three pounds of meat left, I guess I better get busy.

Any of you S.A. locals know of an H.E.B. located somewhere in the southeast? I tried going to that one on W.W. White north of Rigsby but that parking lot there makes my Spidey-sense go totally haywire. Although I must admit they have the most varied selection of MD 20/20 I've ever seen.

I got lucky yesterday and was working in the Great Northwest, so I stopped by the one at Culebra and 1604 to get some meat before I reported in (took an extra ice chest with me just to keep it cold). I guess I could always try the one on Nogalitos.


  1. I think there is a nice one on the corner of highway 87 right off of 410 at the sulphur springs exit.

    They built that place up pretty well.

  2. Now gator-jerky is interesting stuff. Not that I've ever had any as they are a protected species. But its still good.

  3. They're legal to kill here now, but the extra taxes that must be paid for permission to kill the king's reptiles are prohibitive.