Saturday, February 23, 2008

I hate working on Saturday

And the auto-fill indicates that I've used this exact title before, heh. Especially on the west side, known for unsecured dangerous dogs. But today was not so bad. I picked up a mascot for about 45 minutes. A "mascot" is what I call a friendly dog that decides to follow me around for a while. This was some slightly larger than medium-sized female mutt that was very friendly. A bonus is that most dogs are far more concerned with a strange dog invading their space than they are with a strange human, so I was ignored by just about every other dog for the rest of my route.

The funny thing about this dog was that she appeared to be flaunting her freedom at the other dogs. She would walk right up to the fence at every house and let the dogs inside go nuts barking at her, all the while standing there looking at them without ever barking or making any sound at all, as if she were saying, "Ha ha ha. I'm free and you're not." Sometimes she would run around corners and back again just to screw with the dogs that couldn't get out. It cracked me up.

Another thought: I just don't understand how anyone can get by without a multi-tool. I've been carrying a Leatherman Kick for a few years now, and before that I carried a Coleman tool for several years. There have been times when I would have been lost without it, and I don't know how anyone can walk around without such a tool at their immediate disposal. I'm about to get my first adsense payout, and I think I'll take it and buy a new Wave (plus a box of ammo or two). I like the one-handed opening lockblades that the Wave has. It also has a saw, which I know will prove useful on occasion.

It seems that the prices on some Leatherman tools have gone down. Didn't the Wave used to cost around $80? I noticed Cheaper Than Dirt has them for only $58, and lists them at $59.94.


  1. Those SAWS workers that got hit by a van at the toilet giveaway were having a bad day, too. Did you hear about that? KSAT was reporting that one of the workers was hurt pretty bad.

  2. I think the Wave was higher than that, even - and not that long ago. I carry a Wave around regardless of where I am or what I'm doing. I could be in my pajamas and I'll head down to the garage to putter with one in my pocket. Lowe's apparently has a very comparable knock-off that's about half the cost. Gerber, maybe? I forget.

    Now they just need to make one that can SMS, make and receive calls, has a built-in GPS, nose-hair trimmer, holds 6 .40 rounds, and has a debit-card insert that can be swiped at a gas station. Oooh, maybe a flash-drive port with 4GB space, too.

    I'll keep waiting.

  3. I've been carrying around a Wave for some time now; I also have the accessory pack for it that has all of the extra bits for the screwdriver.