Friday, February 08, 2008

I'll know what I'll be thinking about all day today...

How to eloquently, cogently and concisely tell the RNC how to shove up it their @ss.

I got one of those "census document" questionnaires yesterday. What a bunch of loaded junk. "Liberal Democrat" this, "liberal Democrat" that. Some of these questions are just impossible to answer without an accompanying slap to the face of the questioner.

UPDATE: Here's an example.
Will you join the Republican National Committee by making a contribution today?
  • Yes, I support the RNC and am enclosing my most generous contribution of: (multiple choice amounts).
  • Yes, I support the RNC, but am unable to participate at this time. However, I have enclosed $11 to cover the cost of tabulating my survey.
  • No, I favor electing liberal Democrats over the next ten years.
Unbelievable. They try to disguise this as a survey and still try to figure out a way to trick you out of $11. Are people really this stupid?

There should have been one more option:
  • Not only no, but hell no. You bunch of thugs are doing just fine collaborating with your Democrat friends to infringe on my freedom without me giving you any help.


  1. I thought those "questionaires" were just scare tactics attached to a donation envelope.

  2. Hammer: There's a fine attached to failure to fill 'em out and send 'em in. If you don't, a real live census worker will show up at your doorstep.

    Of course, that'd give Alan the opportunity to actually deliver the face slap, but that'd get him arrested.

    Should one of these ever arrive in my mailbox, I will simply quote the Constitutional language for an enumeration once every 10 years, and send it back, with a copy to each of my representatives.

  3. Jed: I don't think this is official Census Bureau stuff. This is an ad from the RNC. Maybe they call it a "census document questionnaire" to trick people into thinking that it's Official Census Business. It's like Hammer said: scare tactics attached to a donation envelope.