Saturday, February 16, 2008

An interesting comment regarding NIU

From Playing the Odds by David Calderwood:
I’ve been to NIU’s campus many times over the past six years. One notable fact was the ubiquity of armed campus police officers. For a person who attended a small Midwestern university thirty years ago where the three campus policemen didn’t even carry guns during the school year, it took some getting used to, having armed cops hanging around in every dorm and seemingly on half the street corners I drove past.

The head of NIU’s Campus Police stated that officers arrived at the lecture hall within two minutes of the shooting. By then the shooter had killed himself, leaving an obvious tragedy in his wake (six dead victims as of this writing). As Greg Perry noted in an earlier LRC column, "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away."
Emphasis mine. So on this campus where armed campus police officers are "ubiquitous," someone was able to sneak onto campus and into a lecture hall with a shotgun. The shotgun is famous for many things, but being easily concealed is not one of them.

What a bunch of useless squibs.

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  1. I heard he used a guitar case to smuggle it in. Reminds you of the old picture of the gangster with the Thompson in the violin case.