Saturday, February 09, 2008

Productive morning

Cleaned up my corner of the bedroom, and found a couple hundred rounds each of 357 Magnum and 38 Special that I had forgotten I had. That was nice.

I also found the old Crown Royal bag that I knew I had stashed somewhere near my pipes. Now I should have a prettier platform for taking pipe pictures than the dish towels I've been using.

Unfortunately I still haven't come across that pipe book from Dunhill that was a gift from Brer some time back. I've been hankering to give it another gander this past week or two. It's gotta be right around here somewhere.

Anyway, I cleared up the bookshelf that serves as my pipe shelf, so now I can just put pipes on it instead of pipes and miscellanea.

Sadly, I finally threw away the broken pipe that cannot be repaired:

A clay churchwarden from Olde World Fine Clays. It was too big to fit everything on the scanner when I did a scanner photo of it. The last few inches of the stem has a coating of red sealing wax, but it wouldn't fit on the scanner. The stem had snapped off right at the bowl. I didn't smoke it often anyway, but still... I'll have to replace it sometime. Clay pipes impart their own special flavor to the smoke, no matter what you smoke in it: a kind of earthy sweetness. Olde World Fine Clays was the company name, but it was just one man rolling each pipe by hand. I think he went out of business. His website is now gone, anyway.

Also was reminded of the Kaywoodie lovat that is one of my semi-regular pipes, and which I have never taken a picture of. I'll have to give it a good cleaning and get some pictures for The Briar Files.

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