Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Vintage Pipe Ad (1954): Sir Walter Raleigh

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This stylishly-dressed pipe smoker is apparently gay, or he seriously has his priorities wrong. Sir Walter Raleigh is one of those fine old traditional American pipe tobaccos that has been around almost forever, and to me is disgusting. Not as bad as Half & Half, but still pretty bad. If this was all I could get, I'd just quit.


  1. Hehe. I never tried Raleigh, or Prince Albert, or Half&Half. But then I went to work at the tobacconist shortly after starting on pipes, so I quickly got on the right track anyway.

    That ad is hilarious.

  2. I dunno about the old guy being gay. I mean, wasn't this before Hugh Hefner started Playboy? He's old, rich, and in a fancy establishment, long before the little blue pill came along to get it back up for him. He might enjoy the things that a younger man would be to distracted from.