Friday, March 14, 2008

The Seven Deadly (social) Sins

Just strike the whole thing.

From the Telegraph:
Failing to recycle plastic bags could find you spending eternity in Hell, the Vatican said after drawing up a list of seven deadly sins for our times.

The seven, which include polluting the environment, were announced by Monsignor Gianfranco Girotti, a close ally of the Pope and the head of the Apostolic Penitentiary, one of the Roman Curia's main court.

The "sins of yesteryear" - sloth, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, wrath and pride - have a "rather individualistic dimension", he told the Osservatore Romano, the official Vatican newspaper.

The new seven deadly, or mortal, sins are designed to make worshippers realise that their vices have an effect on others as well.

"The sins of today have a social resonance as well as an individual one," said Mgr Girotti. "In effect, it is more important than ever to pay attention to your sins."

According to Roman Catholic doctrine, mortal sins are a "grave violation of God's law" and bring about "eternal death" if unrepented by the act of confession.

They are far more serious than venial sins, which impede a soul's progress in the exercise of virtue and moral good.

Mgr Girotti said genetic modification, carrying out experiments on humans, polluting the environment, causing social injustice, causing poverty, becoming obscenely wealthy and taking drugs were all mortal sins.
How much longer before the Catholic church just chucks the Bible entirely?

Of course sin has a "rather individualistic dimension." That's because I am responsible for the fate of my own soul. I make my own choices, and so do you. Not my neighbor, not my family, and not any organized church.

Note that if you work hard your entire life to be financially successful and harm no one, eventually you will cross someone's imaginary line of "obscenely wealthy" and are guilty of mortal sin.

I suppose the upper hierarchy of the Catholic church is exempt from the "obscene wealth" clause.

This was nothing but media spin. Via Taki's Mag.

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