Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm still waiting for someone to invent alcohol-free Everclear

Hangover-free wine?:
Kebble's company, Surepure, uses technology to purify liquids, including red and white wines, by reducing their sulphur content.

This is reportedly a worldwide first in the wine industry.

"We produce a machine that makes it possible for the winemaker not to add sulphur to the wine," he said.

Sulphur is added to "preserve" the wine by disabling potentially harmful microbes.

It is also responsible, among other things, for the headaches and other side effects associated with wine.
Okay, so how do they explain headaches and other side effects from hangovers due to drinking other alcoholic beverages? I was under the impression that hangover was due to dehydration caused by the alcohol.


  1. Maybe it's not the hangovers so much as sulfur-sensitivity. The headline made me think "what would be the point of drinking it then?"

  2. There are also toxins in the bloodstream which contribute to a hangover. The liver tries to clear out these toxins; that is why people who drink heavily and don't eat properly have liver problems. A good dose of vitamin B complex and plenty of water helps the liver clear the toxins quicker, thus helping to relieve a hangover. B also is good for other activities that build fatigue toxins in the bloodstream. We used to take it when backpacking to cut down on sore muscles and fatigue.

  3. You're right in the first place. Alcohol dehydrates you. Dehydration results in a headache. There's your hangover.

    No matter what anyone else says, you can get hangovers from wine, beer, or liquor, no matter what brand or flavor.

    Nothing helps more than drinking water. But not quickly. You must sip it. If you drink water quickly while dehydrated, you throw up.

  4. Some of the hangover is caused by fusel alcohols. Fusel alcohols are byproducts of fermentation. The "heads" and "tails" of distillation contain heavy concentration of fusel alcohols.

  5. Hey Robb;

    Next time you are in the Metroplex, come on over. We'll share some wine, and I can guarentee you no headache. Unless, of course, you drink to sillyness.