Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Olympic torch relay has doomed us all

ABC News: Olympic Torch Inflicts Environmental Toll:
So when the torch isn't being marched through city streets and/or extinguished by protesters, how is it getting around? You guessed it, by plane -- an Air China A330 custom painted with the Olympic logo and color scheme. The A330 burns 5.4 gallons of fuel per mile. That translates into 462,400 gallons for the entire trip. With Earthlab estimating that every gallon of jet fuel burned produces 23.88 pounds of CO2, the Olympic Torch Relay is adding about 11 million pounds of carbon to the atmosphere. That's 5,500 tons.

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  1. But, hey it's ok!
    Remember the Kyoto scam? China's a developing country so their CO2 is laees bad than ours is.