Friday, April 11, 2008

Recently, on IRC...

Me: This is my third pipe today.

Other guy: Three out of how many?

Me: 20 or so in my main rotation, another dozen or so total.

OG: Why do you have more pipes than you smoke?

I ask you, readers, does that last question sound familiar?


  1. Heh. In my case, since I don't smoke my pipes at all anymore, it's especially apropos, I guess.

    Reminds me of when I was working in the tobacco shop. Sometimes, we'd get some customer in who'd ask why his pipe tasted bitter, or rancid, or smoked hot, or something. The people who started smoking a pipe by buying a Grabow, or whatever, off the shelf at the drugstore, and a pack of Borkum Riff, didn't get any advice about how to pack the bowl, resting the pipe, etc. How many who tried, and gave it up, without ever discovering the pleasurable aspects of a good pipe, all because of a lack of guidance, we'll never know.

    Damn shame.

  2. Oh, forgot to add, that sometimes, when faced with the cost of owning, say, at least 6 pipes to do a minimal rotation, some of those people were just aghast, even at the low-end of the GBD or Peterson scale. Some were damn near apoplectic at the price of a good Caminetto or Dunhill. (BTW, I've never thought that Dunhills were a good value.)

  3. Yep! I've heard a similar question before.

  4. "Oh, reason not the need...Allow not nature more than nature needs, man's life's as cheap as beast's."

    --King Lear, William Shakespeare

  5. (Blink, blink.) You still use IRC? IRC still exists?!?

    I've heard similar remarks about how many guns I've got (the number of which surprises me when I stop to think about it, too).