Thursday, April 10, 2008

They have a history?

Here's all the history you need to know: they suck.

The Lorcin is not an affordable means of self defense. It is an affordable way to get yourself killed because you will be betting your life on something that does not work.

So no matter how cheap you find one in a pawn shop, do not purchase it. Unless you have a thing for extremely ugly doorstops.


  1. But I thought that most of the time you don't actually have to shoot when you draw your weapon. If a completely non-functional (or unloaded) gun will save your bacon 95% of the time, then a Lorcin will easily save the day 96% of the time, wouldn't it?

    Ain't that better than not having a gun at all?

    For some folks, the extra $100 or more that a real gun would cost is a deal breaker. Buying one of these would at least give them something until they can save up for something better, and they can probably resell it for what they paid for it so they're not losing any money on it.

  2. If cost is that much of a deal-breaker, then look at the Hi-Point instead. Ugly as sin, but from what I've heard they generally go bang when they are supposed to.

    Based on my own personal experience, a Lorcin is at best a single-shot pistol. I would not rely on one to save my life and I cannot in good conscience recommend that anyone else do so.